How to use your traffic efficiently

Good Morning, my name is Dennis Wolf. I am the CEO of Affiliate Finance and my job is to be there for you.
I am going to give you marketing tips, I am going to teach you about Affiliate Finance and binary options in general; and I am going to learn from you.

Have you heard of the latest news?
Do you know that the Internet is full?

In April, ARIN, the (North) American Registry for Internet Numbers, announced that it had reached „phase 4“ of its IPv4 countdown plan, with fewer than 17 million IPv4 addresses remaining. There is no phase 5. APNIC, the Asia-Pacific registry, reached the 17 million threshold three years ago, and the RIPE NCC in Europe – less than two years ago. LACNIC, the Latin American and Caribbean registry, reached a similar threshold of a little more than four million remaining IPv4 addresses earlier this week.

During the past 10 years, 1.6 billion IPv4 addresses have been given out.

This means that pretty much everybody on the planet is an active Internet user. It also means that everyone you know is a target for a number of online marketing campaigns. More than that – it means that almost everybody is already “hunted”. Everybody has their favorite video streaming channel, social sharing network, online messenger, poker room. Chances are that your website has already reached its peak and you have the same number of impressions every day. And it`s not because of you, there`s just so many people in your niche, there`s nobody new that you can target. So what now?

Now you need to use your traffic efficiently

How do you increase the views without increasing the impressions? How do you increase the clicks? How do you turn those views into registrations? How do you convert them to legit FTD-s?

My best advice for you is to contact your Affiliate Finance Affiliate manager. Our team can help you in so many ways!

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We will teach you which banners convert best. We will show you which pages need editing. We will send you newsletters with fresh content. We will give you access to our back office system and mighty analytical tools. Whatever question you have, we have the answer. I invite every newly registered affiliate to have a phone call with me. I insist to teach my affiliates… pretty much everything.

The power of an affiliate account manager

I want to make sure that everybody knows how to use our marketing tools and materials. You need a landing page? Give me a call and I`ll make a research for you. I will give you the page that converts best for your region and traffic type.

Of course, I will also call you on a bad month. I will make sure that my conversion and optimization tips will reach you.

You`ve had 100 FTD-s? I`ll still call you – I need to know that you feel comfortable with your results, maybe optimize your site or campaign a little more, but most of all, I want to call and congratulate you. And learn from your success.

I always like to tell the story of one of my German affiliates. He had years of activity as a partner of Affiliate Finance. Every month we would record more than 100 registrations coming from his website network. He had a good conversion rate (FTDs compared to registrations) and he was happy with his monthly payout. But I knew that he could do better; I knew I could give him a hand. We started a project that took a few months. We were trying out different landing pages, different banners, we were on skype every single day.

The first month his conversion rate went 8% up. Every month we were adding more and more updates, and I am proud to announce that his August results were 22% higher than his March results. Close your eyes and imagine – no additional investments, no need to hire new designers or writers, no need to analyze the data all by yourself. Just give your account manager a call.
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